I'n'I Will See You Through
Chapter XXIV
"Trials & Tribulations, Proverbs & Relations: I'n'I Will See You Through..."

Once Upon A Chalice In Pursuit Of Later Days... Bless Our Sun And Bless Our Moon For Their Consistencies Guide Our Souls...

In All Actuality Love Is Stronger Than Death, For Love Will Last Forever...
Well At Least My Love For You Will, HJR3 & RFA Until These Moons Collide...

Illuminating Cultural Killuminati:
Surrounding Exotic, Thoughts From Sips
Planted Mental Yet Gentle, In Form Of Tips...
Drink Up You Must Or Volunteer Risk,
Your Souls On Fire So Vividly Crisp...
Flesh Is The Same, But Blood Is Rich
Born Again No Mortal,
Lavishness Is The Wish,
Come One, Come All, And Engrave A Kiss
Placing Your Lips Against Mine Insures Enlist...
All Lives Are The Same Hasty Death By Shot, Continuation Of Pain Disguised Within Constant Shots... -Bless Righteously, HJR3
Born Again No Mortal

Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, 2008

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